Liability insurance

An important prerequisite: in principle, flying with so-called UAVs (Unmanned Areal Vehicle) is only subject to compulsory insurance. No matter if this is for purely hobby purposes or for commercial ambitions. A liability insurance is mandatory. What many do not know: the private liability insurance does not cover this in the rule! So it must be completed additional insurance. We have put together a drone and multicopter liability insurance comparison.

Labeling requirement

Each drone over a starting weight over 250 grams is subject to the labeling and must be marked with the complete address of the owner / owner. This applies to all common models such as the DJI Phantom 4 (Pro), Dji Mavic Pro / Platinum, Parrot Bebop, Yuneec Typhoon H or Q500 and even a DJI Spark and of course DJI Inspire 1 and 2.
In addition, the Drone Mark / Drones badge must be readable and fireproof! So that excludes conventional stickers. Registration of the drone is not required. The new drone regulation recommends an aluminum plaque. You can get the drone plate / drones badge here.

Legal age

A legal minimum age for flying drones does not exist to our knowledge – but this is usually given by the necessary insurance or insurance companies.
Only for drones over 2kg is the minimum age set to 16 years (in addition, a drone driving license – a so-called proof of knowledge – is required there.) Details see below).

The maximum drone altitude is generally limited to 100 meters above ground level by the new Drone Regulation.

Also, the following things are forbidden when flying the drone:

  • Flying out of sight
  • Flying over residential land
  • Flying over nature reserves
  • Flying within a radius of 1.5 km to airfields
  • Flying in control zones when you exceed 50 meters
  • Flying at night (only possible with special permission)
  • Flying with a drone over 5 kg take-off weight without a special waiver (see exceptions below)

At least 100 meters safety distance must be kept to:

  • Crowds
  • Federal highways, federal waterways and railway facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Disasters, disaster areas and other sites of security agencies and organizations
  • Military installations and organizations as well as mobile facilities and troops of the Bundeswehr in the context of registered maneuvers and exercises
  • Industrial plants 
  • Prisons, facilities of the penal system
  • Plants of energy production and distribution

Buying a drone is not complicated. You can find them on every page like MediaMarkt, Saturn, etc. Professional drones cost from 500 € to about 1500 €.