If you want to make a helicopter license, you need a medical report and a flawless police certificate of good conduct, which prove the flight suitability. In particular, the visual abilities are important here. You must also have completed a first aid course. The training for the helicopter license may begin at the age of 17, however, helicopters are allowed to be flown at the age of 18 at the earliest.
At least 45 flight hours must have been completed before the test, which makes the helicopter license accordingly expensive. With at least 10,000 euros one should therefore expect for this training. The helicopter license can be made in many private schools, but also in the Bundeswehr.

The majority of the helicopter instruction takes the theory with at least 80 lessons. Among the subjects taught for the license are navigation and meteorology, aviation knowledge, aerodynamics and radio communication. In the practical part you will then learn how to handle the plane correctly, how to maneuver and how to respond to emergencies. Ten of the 45 lessons have to be tackled solo.
If the minimum requirements for teaching have been met, the exams will follow. For the theoretical exam, six hours must be scheduled, the practical test takes about one to two hours.